Analysis of Your DC Used Filters

BMAC Europe & Mikropor are delighted to offer a cost-free & obligation-free analysis service for your used Data Centre Air Handling Unit, CRAH unit & CRAC unit filters which will help you to understand the following:

  • What exactly is being captured in your site specific filters
  • Risks posed by Particulate Matter & Gaseous Contamination to your facility
  • Contaminants and Gases entering/leaving your data halls
  • Elements present in your data hall air
  • Filter Performance at your facility
  • Filter Protection of essential AHU heat exchangers, fan motors, control temperature / humidity sensors is crucially important to benefit from optimum performance during the entire anticipated 20 year (typical) equipment lifetime
  • Filter change schedule assessment – are your filters being changed too frequently or not frequently enough?


How does it work?

SEM РScanning Electron Microscope  

SEM is an electron microscope that produces sub-micron images of a sample by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons. Mikropor research scientists can then analyse the data to determine the elements present in the sample.

EDX – Energy Dispersive X-Ray

EDX analysis is another micro analytical technique for quantitative analysis that uses a characteristic spectrum of X-rays. The composition of a material can be identified by Mikropor scientists from the EDX data