AHU Filtration

Mikropor, a leading European manufacturer produces Eurovent & CE certified air filtration components which meet the highest of industry standards (ISO16890, EN779, EN1822). In house testing and extensive R&D efforts have allowed Mikropor to develop highly energy efficient, PUE Lowering filtration solutions, helping facilities to meet sustainability targets by significantly reducing their energy use and carbon footprint, while also reducing energy costs.

BMAC Europe are proud distributors of Mikropor air filtration products, with a lean cost base ensuring the best possible competitive edge will always be offered to our customers, without compromise on efficient processing of orders.

BMAC Europe’s “Just-In-Time” supply chain strategy minimizes carbon emissions and costs associated with warehousing and unnecessary secondary shipments. Filter deliveries directly from the production line coincide with pre planned maintenance schedules. This innovative approach not only upholds our commitment to sustainability but also maintains a cost-effective solution for our valued customers

PUE Lowering AHU Filtration Solutions

Savings Possible with Filter Upgrade for our Test 18MW Data Centre:

  • Electrical Savings – 536,937 kWh / Annum
  • Carbon Savings – 158 Tonnes of CO2 / Annum
  • Cost Savings – €111,682 @ €0.208 / kWh

Other Benefits:

  • Irish Company – Providing Personalized HVAC Solutions for 40 Years
  • Reduced Cost – Purchase Costs & AHU Operational Costs
  • Direct Shipment to Site – Production Line to Data Centre
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – Logistics & Energy Usage
  • European Manufacturer – Producing 15 Million Filters Annually
  • Eurovent Certified – 35+ Years Manufacturing Filters
  • Sustainable Manufacturing – Recycled Plastic & Locally Sourced Materials
  • 100% European Raw Materials
  • Customized Filtration Solutions – Perfected For Any Facility
  • Filter Removal – by BMAC in Collaboration with Bord na Móna
  • Optimisation of Free Cooling – High Quality Filters Enhance Airflow
  • Reduction in Water Usage / Mechanical Cooling
  • Mitigate Equipment Downtimes – Protect AHU Equipment & Data Halls

What we offer


Save Energy Costs and Carbon 

PUE lowering electrical savings achievable with upgraded filtration solutions

Analysis of Used Filters  

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) & EDX Analysis of Filter Samples Identifies Elements Present


Wide Range of Filters

Fully customizable filters of all efficiency classes and of superior energy efficiency

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